UPDATE: Orders now due on THURSDAYS at 5 PM and all deliveries occur on SUNDAYS.

Let's get Prepped!

Our Mission

Prepped n' Plated delivers fresh, healthy meals right to your doorstep.  Eat better on-the-go or at home with weekly deliveries.  We cook & deliver. You heat & eat. 

Our Story

 Prepped n’ Plated grew from the simple need for consistent clean, healthy meals even under the most inconvenient circumstances. Post college, I continued working long hours – at times 18 hours straight - in the restaurant industry and juggled schedules between a few different establishments. I sacrificed a lot of sleep but I wasn’t willing to give up eating right. Instead of resorting to the standard fried and salty pub fare, I prepped and planned simple meals in advance each week. My 

co-workers soon took notice and I began preparing tasty

on-the-go dishes for them as well. They appreciated the convenience of delivered meals but also benefited from the nutritional value missing in the typical food delivery options.

As I cultivated this small operation, I saw an opportunity to expand my offerings and officially establish a business. Nutrition, diet and exercise continue to be top priorities in my adult life and experimenting in the kitchen with simple but flavorful foods has always piqued my curiosity. For me, Prepped n’ Plated is a natural extension of these basic interests and instincts. I am excited to see how this business and passion project develops in the next stage. The responsibility has been HUGE and I could not have sustained my little shop without the behind the scenes help from my family & friends who have served as taste-testers, cooks, delivery drivers, shoppers, choppers, the front office and my constant cheerleaders. 

Thank you to all the Prepped n’ Plated junkies that have stuck with me on this journey. And for anyone considering Prepped n’ Plated as a meal service option, there’s plenty of room on the bandwagon.

Let's Get Prepped!