UPDATE: Orders now due on TUESDAYS at 5 PM and all deliveries occur on SUNDAYS.


Prepped n' Plated Weekly Menu


To place your Prepped N’ Plated order, include each meal number or snack letter. When ordering more than one of the same meal/snack, include that item number or letter multiple times. 

For example: #1,2,3,4,5,6,6,A,B,C,C

This order would include two #6 meals and two C snack items. 


If this is your FIRST Prepped N' Plated order, please use the order form below and complete all requested information fields so we can best prepare your meals and plan for delivery.  The requested information is sent straight to the Prepped N' Plated kitchen from the website. After your first order you will receive a weekly email every Tuesday with the upcoming menu. Future orders can then be placed directly via email to angela@preppednplated.com

Six meal order minimum required. 

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Prepped N' Plated Order Form